PCBA For Medical instrument equipment control

PCBA For Medical instrument equipment control

The PCBA board is used for signal acquisition, logic calculation and detection data output of medical equipment, and driving motor to realize complex functions of the product.

HDI Parameter

Tapes of HDI:              1+N+1 HDI
Number of Layers8 layer
Min line width/space:     2mil/2mil
Min mechanical drilling hole diameter:   8mil(0.20mm)
Min liser drill diameter:     3mil(0.075mm)
Blind hole's Aspect Ratio:   1:1
Surface Finishing:    OSP, ENIG
PeelableMaskThickness≥ 0.3mm
Outline profile CNC Routing. V-CUT.   
ToleranceOutline: ± 0.1mm/NPTH: ± 0.05mm/PTH/Hole position: ± 0.075mm/V-CUT: ± 0.1mm
Min Registration between layers± 3mil(± 0.076mm)
Twist and BowFollow IPC-A-600G Spec: 0.7%{max}
TestingImpedance testing Open/short testing/Universal testing/Flying-prob