Detailed explanation of PCBA ICT test FCT test Aging test Fatigue test

发表时间:2023-03-26 11:50

PCBA testing methods mainly include: ICT testing, FCT testing, aging testing, fatigue testing, testing under harsh conditions. Please refer to the following for details:

1. ICT testing mainly includes circuit switching, voltage and current values, as well as fluctuation curves, amplitude, noise, and so on.

2.FCT testing requires IC program triggering to simulate the functio

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ns of the entire PCBA board, identify problems in hardware and software, and provide necessary production equipment and test beds.

functional testing

3.The aging test mainly involves activating the PCBA board and electronic products for a long time, keeping them in operation and observing whether there are any faults. After aging testing, electronic products can be sold in bulk.

4.Fatigue testing mainly involves sampling the PCBA board and performing high-frequency and long-term operation functions to observe whether there are faults. For example, if the mouse clicks a maximum of 100000 times or the LED lights are turned on and off 10000 times, the likelihood of failure will be tested. This is used to feedback on the performance of PCBA boards in electronic products.

PCBA test

5.The main purpose of testing under harsh conditions is to expose the PCBA board to temperature, humidity, drop, splash, and vibration limits, and obtain test results from random samples to infer the reliability of the entire PCBA board batch product.