PCBA process analysis: from design to assembly and testing

发表时间:2023-03-10 21:51

Design :

PCBA design is the first step of the whole PCBA processing, mainly including schematic design and PCB design. Schematic design is the basis of circuit design. The circuit diagram is drawn by software to determine the connection mode and position of each component. PCB design is to convert schematic diagram into PCB layout, arrange components on the circuit board, draw circuit wiring, and determine PCB size, shape, and number of board layers.

Procurement :

PCBA processing needs to purchase a series of components, circuit boards and other auxiliary materials. When purchasing, it is necessary to consider the quality, price, supply cycle and other factors of components, and select appropriate suppliers to purchase.

Manufacturing :

PCBA manufacturing is the process of making PCB into printed circuit board, including PCB manufacturing, drilling, gold sinking, resistance welding, copper coating and other processes. During the manufacturing process, it is necessary to ensure that each process meets the standard requirements, and ensure the quality and stability of the circuit board.


Assembly :

Assembly is the process of assembling components and circuit boards to form a complete circuit system. Assembly includes SMT (surface mount technology) and THT (plug-in technology), of which SMT is the current mainstream assembly method. During the assembly process, attention should be paid to the correct installation and position of components, welding quality, etc.

Test :

Testing is the process of testing the function and reliability of PCBA. Tests include appearance inspection, function test, performance test and environmental test. The test can effectively ensure the quality and stability of PCBA and avoid the loss caused by PCBA failure.

To sum up, the whole process of PCBA processing includes design, procurement, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Each link needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the quality and stability of PCBA.