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发表时间:2023-03-01 16:17

Pcb board copying is a troublesome process. If one link is not handled well, it will lead to problems in the whole process and eventually cannot be used normally. Then what is the pcb copy board method, and what should be paid attention to pcb copy board, do you know? Now let's find out.

1. what is the pcb copying method

1. Record the position and model of the vital parts on pcb; 2. Remove all components inside pcb; 3. Designed bom form; 4. Polish the ink with sandpaper until the copper film shines; 5. Edit and proofread pictures; 6. Encapsulate it and draw the line at the same time; 7. Export pcb board.

2. PCB copy board need to pay attention to what

1.Before pcb board copying, it is necessary to record the original sample, so that in the later optimization process, once there is a problem in the treatment project, it can be processed again. If there is no record, as long as the mistake, then the subsequent project means failure, the impact is very big.

2.If there are additional requirements to make component bom when copying pcb board, it is necessary to set the pcb file according to the standard made at the beginning, so as to avoid errors in the bom list and affect the use. In addition, when the plate is removed, attention should be paid to the polarity of each component, so as to avoid errors when restoring.

3.Before copying the pcb board, it is necessary to measure and record the size of the pcb board, so as to ensure that the board subdiagram scanned by the scanner is consistent with the original pcb size, and later component installation is easier to prevent the phenomenon of failure to match. Moreover, the figure scanned by the scanner must be clear to ensure that the later view components more convenient.

About pcb copy board method is what, and pcb copy board need to pay attention to what, first introduced here, do you understand it? Pcb copy board needs to be made by professionals, otherwise it is difficult to control some details, export copy board error, cause unnecessary trouble oh.