One-stop electronic design and manufacturing

Through detailed analysis of schematic diagram, product structure, application scenarios, technical requirements, etc., various problems of products are considered from a future-oriented perspective to ensure that enterprises can provide rapid, efficient, low-cost, mass-produced electronic manufacturing solutions.

We can provide customers with one-stop electronic manufacturing services from PCB schematic design, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, SMT/DIP assembly to testing. The design tools include Allegro, Pads, Altium, etc. The schematic tools support CIS/ORCAD, Protel DXP, Design Capture, etc.


Our service industries are concentrated in healthcare, automotive electronics, industrial control, smart home, artificial intelligence, Internet of

things and other industries. We always adhere to the "customer demand oriented", committed to providing customers with low-cost, one-stop electronic manufacturing solutions.

PCB design teams have an average of more than 12 years of experience.

Complete PCB and SMT manufacturing industry chain to ensure the DFM feasibility of PCB design.

40 people PCB design team, long-term cooperation with 500 enterprises.

Self-developed tool software + quality control system to ensure the success of PCB design.


PCB design capability

40 experienced PCB design engineers,Provide high-quality, multi-layer, high-speed, high-density and high-precision PCB design services for customers around the world,Including high-speed backplane design high-speed A/D PCB design, HDI FPC design and so on.

Design capabilityDesign EXPPinsDelivery date days
Maximum number of design pins6W0-10003-5
Maximum connection bit4W2000-30005-7
Maximum design layers40L4000-50008-12
Maximum design power consumption of PCB360W6000-700012-15
High-speed differential design201910Gbps,76cm10000-1300018-20

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